Glendo, LLC

From its origins in 1965 at the hands of Donald A. Glaser, Glendo has created a series of tools designed for the Jewelry and Engraving arts. When Don created the unique technology, it revolutionized hand engraving by using air powered tools with innovative design and world class technology to allow jewelers and artisans to engrave metals, set gemstones, and carve fine woods and scrimshaw. The tools allow the artist to work with less fatigue. Using Glendo technology allows them put their energy into the creative process, saving time and making each project less complicated.

Based in Emporia, Kansas, DJ Glaser (Don’s son), Kim Pember and the entire Glendo Team continue to design and manufacture innovative new products and supplies that are sold to Professionals and beginners world-wide. Combined with advanced machining capability and tight Quality Control, the dozens of tools manufactured have an international following.

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Designatronics operates in the following NAICS codes:
339913 Jewelers Material and Lapidary Work Manufacturing
332212 Hand and Edge Tool Manufacturing

Acquisition thinking:

Companies with related equipment that serve the jewelry and engraving industry.

Highly specialized tool designs that expand the industries served by Glendo.

Product lines that supply tooling and supplies to the engraving industry.

Related equipment that compliments the needs of a Jeweler when working at their ’bench’.