Add-On acquisitions by individual company

Am-Dyn-Ic Fluid Power, Inc. (NAICS Codes 423810, 423860)

Established in 1970, Am-Dyn-Ic is a stocking distributor and service center for hydraulic components. Focused toward the mobile hydraulics marketplace, Am-Dyn-Ic services a customer base of construction, solid waste, municipal, and other users of similar types of mobile equipment. The company is headquartered in Chesterfield, MI and serves the Michigan market area with 10,000 items in stock and service facilities at each location.

Smaller Fluid Power distributors, with or without service centers, in the same market area (Michigan) to provide greater local market presence.

Larger Fluid Power distributors and service centers in nearby states (Midwest) that can provide steps to consolidate the industry.

Central States Casters (NAICS Codes 332299, 423440, 423830)

Specialists in Casters for Industrial, Commercial and Retail material handling applications where a customer requires off-the-shelf delivery or access to special application products custom made for specific needs.

Specialist caster companies who need distribution or additional manufacturing space.

Material handling equipment manufacturing companies with a product specialty.

Designatronics (NAICS Codes 326220, 333612, 333613, 333999, 423440)

Designatronics is the nation's leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of small mechanical, electro-mechanical motion control components and sub-assemblies. Designatronics stocks 64,000 small automation and linear motion components that are ready for immediate delivery. Through its Stock Drive Products, Sterling Instruments and Quality Transmission Components divisions, Designatronics sells to OEM's and equipment users in medical, office equipment, plant maintenance, electronics, computer, communications and other industries.

Small "tangent" product companies that manufacture components that can tie into the distribution system.

Small suppliers that currently manufacture components sold by Designatronics. (Vertical integration)

Larger standalone companies that have sales of product to OEM users and could expand their markets via Designatronics distribution group. (similar to above, but larger)

Component manufacturers that are competitors, in some way, to Designatronics where the addition of the acquisition would broaden the marketplace penetration of both companies.

Glendo, LLC (NAICS Codes 339913, 332212)

Glendo designs and manufactures unique hand engraving equipment for jewelers and artisans. Located in Emporia, Kansas, Glendo equipment allows hand engraving using innovative air powered technology. Manufacturing takes place in-house where machine capability and tight quality control permit customization and quick design improvements.

Companies with related equipment that serve the jewelry and engraving industry.

Highly specialized tool designs that expand the industries served by Glendo.

Product lines that supply tooling and supplies to the engraving industry.

Related equipment that compliments the needs of a Jeweler when working at their ’bench’.

Grobet File Company of America (NAICS Codes 332212, 332213, 339114, 339115, 339913, 42345, 42346)

Grobet, founded in 1915 with a corporate history back to 1834, manufactures and distributes specialty tools and accessories to customers in the jewelry, industrial, optical, professional, hobby and dental markets. Grobet sells worldwide to customers in 50 countries. Grobet sources products for distribution in 25 different countries and has in house manufacturing facilities in the USA and Switzerland.

Acquisitions could include small manufacturing suppliers who currently sell to Grobet.

Manufacturers who have a distribution system and who are not a supplier to Grobet currently. This manufacturer could be selling to different markets, and the product offering could be an expansion of the product Grobet offers.

Manufacturers who have sales of product to OEM customers in the same markets as Grobet and who would benefit from the worldwide distribution that Grobet can provide.

Distributors who compete in some way with Grobet either in the USA or elsewhere who would bring different customers or access to different markets.

Johnson Hardware (NAICS Codes 332321, 423610, 423840, 561621)

Johnson Hardware is the leading distributor of builders hardware in the Nebraska market. As a master distributor for all of the top product lines in the builders hardware industry, Johnson Hardware sells a full product offering to the contractor marketplace.

Small local or regional competitors engaged in the Electronic Access marketplace.

Small local or regional competitors that distribute builders hardware to commercial or residential contractors and builders.

Small local or regional Fire and Safety Door manufacturers or distributors that are currently competitors to Johnson in those product areas.

Larger companies in nearby regions that are not competitors, but are in the same industry that would represent a geographic expansion.

McGard (NAICS Codes 332721, 332813, 336330, 33639)

McGard's quality wheel locks and specialty security and anti-tampering products are recognized worldwide. McGard locks are used extensively in the marine and automotive industries, while the Special Products Division of McGard serves a wide cross section of industry and public service entities.

Automotive aftermarket or OEM suppliers.

Specialist fastener manufacturers using high technology materials and production processes.

Specialty lock, fastener, or hardware manufacturers with new technology or markets for SPD.

Roto-Mix (NAICS Codes 33311, 333111, 33329)

Beginning in 1961, Roto-Mix builds industry leading feed mixers, compost mixers and waste disposal spreaders for the Beef and Dairy cattle industry. Operating from manufacturing locations in Dodge City and Hoisington, Kansas with sales and service facilities in Dodge City and Scott City, Kansas, Roto-Mix supplies product to a worldwide network of dealers and customers.

Corporate spin-offs of similar product lines.

Smaller manufacturers of compatible products sold to niche customers where the manufacturer has a dominant market position and would benefit from the engineering and manufacturing skill at Roto-Mix.

Varbros, LLC and Trimline Die (NAICS Codes 332999, 333514)

As a world class, high production stamping company, Varbros focuses on parts that are difficult to stamp, have complex tooling and require tight quality control. Varbros, along with Trimline Die, produces parts and the dies to make them for the heavy-duty truck aftermarket, automotive and consumer industries.

Proprietary stamped metal products produced in long run, high volume environments.

Highly specialized product or market extensions for the stamping areas of Varbros and Trimline.

Companies that create complex parts with difficult tooling for different customers or different markets than those currently served by Varbros or Trimline.

Expansion of the specialized tool making capacity of Varbros.