Detailed Acquisition Criteria

  Standalone Add-ons
Sales Volume: Minimum of $15 Million Not critical
Minimum Profits: $1 million pretax (Midwest)
$1.5 million (other regions)
More than Breakeven
Profit History: History of profits
NO turnarounds
NO startups/venture capital
History of profits
Management Requirements: Prefer entire team remain;
Can work with retirement plans and orderly succession of second level management
Flexible; will need to review staff levels/overlaps
Purchase Price: Up to $150 million No min/max set
Deal Structure: All Cash purchase,
can accommodate seller's tax needs
All Cash purchase
Ownership: Prefer 100%;
Management participation a possibility via the use of Phantom Stock
100% required

We seek Industrial Manufacturing, Distribution and Service companies that have a history of profitable operations. It is our desire for management to remain or for the second tier of management to move up. Standalone companies need to have a sales volume of at least $15 million, while add-ons can be of any size. We do not require standalones to be 'strategic' or 'synergistic'. We prefer companies to be headquartered in the United States and/or Canada.

We seek privately held or public companies that can fit as standalone acquisitions or add-ons to our existing operations.