Dyson, Dyson & Dunn, Inc. is a private holding company actively searching for profitable manufacturing and distribution companies to acquire. Founded in 1981 with the objective of acquiring well run and profitable companies where operating changes are not needed, Dyson, Dyson & Dunn, Inc. today owns and operates ten companies with sales over $300 million.

As long-term investors, we believe that good companies are the result of good management; we do not change the culture of an acquired company and prefer that current management continues. We are not brokers, intermediaries or investment bankers. We seek to expand by acquiring profitable and well run industrial product companies. Dyson, Dyson & Dunn, Inc. has no outside investors and typically is able to complete a transaction with no finance contingencies.

Operating Philosophy

We believe that good companies are the result of good management. We will only acquire good companies and we will encourage good management to remain.

An acquired company can do best when its management has the resources available to grow and be innovative.

We encourage management to grow and innovate by providing the autonomy to operate in a manner that allows prompt decisions and rapid responses to the marketplace.

Companies can best grow, innovate and respond when their owners are dedicated to the viewpoint of owning the business for the long-term. We feel that businesses prosper under long term commitments by the owners, as well as having adequate financing to grow in the future.

We maintain the belief that management should participate in an incentive plan that properly awards post-acquisition growth and profitability.

History and Background

Dyson, Dyson & Dunn was founded in 1981 with the objective of acquiring middle-market companies. We have consistently focused on companies in the areas of Industrial Manufacturing, Distribution and Services.

We have completed a number of transactions involving operating companies. We have a history of responding promptly to an acquisition opportunity, and have demonstrated the ability to analyze the transaction and to proceed through to closing in an efficient manner. In all cases, the transactions were cash purchases completed in less than 90 days from letter of intent to closing of the sale.

We are aware of the concerns of a seller for confidentiality, and our acquisitions have been completed with a minimum of disturbance to the company personnel and customers.

All of our business dealings tend to focus on the people side of the equation as we firmly believe that this is the most critical aspect. In all of our acquisitions we have worked with the sellers to achieve their desired goals, while providing a firm financial base for the future growth of the company.


We realize the effort involved in finding the right companies that meet our acquisition requirements, therefore we pay customary brokerage fees. In the absence of an agreement for a seller paid fee, we gladly compensate intermediaries who introduce us to companies which we acquire.